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myriam |
Hi Ghada how r u hope fine how's your kids i missed u thanks for your message 3a2bel wledik hehe w 3a2bel ziad your brother how's every thing tc and keep in touch
14 April 2007 - Qatar

hello .MY NAME is ghada kiame from usa new jerzy ,i'm samar's kiame cousin,i'm gonna wish every shweiry in shweir and all over the world a happy easter &i'm gonna wish myriam zeydan congratulations on her wedding.bye.
12 April 2007 - NJ,USA.

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Ghada and welcome to your hometown web site. Any one who is a cousin of Samar is a cousin of ours, the Shweir.com family.
And thanks for the tip about Myriam's Wedding. Alf mabrooke.

Ghada, do not be shy. Join us on the BB. :)

zahi zgheib |
anyone intrested in joining the
'shweiriyye' group on www.facebook.com is weelcomed at any time
23 March 2007 - lebanon

Shweir.com Note: -  Dear Zahi, our appologies for delay in approving this message. It was somehow overlooked with the other 99% of spam. Sorry.

myriam |
hi every body i'm myriam zeydan how r u hope fine i missed lebanon & missed Shweir
28 February 2007 - Doha-Qatar

Alex Ayoub (moujaes) |
for janine eaton (ayoub) i have sent several emails to you but not sure if you received them. cousin max kirham died december, one week after he lost wife mary. he was 85 and visited the family in shwier during ww2. email me and let me know if you get this message. alleyoopaus@yahoo.com.au.
21 February 2007 - SYDNEY AUSTRALIA.

Shweir.com Note: -  Dear Alex, our appologies for delay in approving this message. It was somehow overlooked with the other 99% of spam. Sorry.

Albana Zaidan |
hi, everybody! I´m trying to find our family in Lebanon... all I know is that my grandpa, Bechara Chebli Zaidan (27 years old) and his wife Esina Mansour from El Matne (26 years old) came to Argentina from Damour, in 1914, leaving there a little child, Sophie, with some family (Shaya I think), they had three childs more here and later Esina died, in 1922. Then, Bechara married Jane Ghanem, from Jounieh, and they had another four children, so you can realize we are a lot now... but we want to know about family there... it´s a mistery for us. We could find Ghanem family and we are in touch with them now, but we know nothing about Zaidans, we´ll appreciate lots if someone could give us some information. Thank you
21 November 2006 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shweir.com Note: -  Dear Albana,
Welcome to the Shweir.com family. Yes we have Zaidan and Shaya families in Shweir. Shaya is a sub family of Khnaisser family. Zaidan is a sub family of the Rahbani family. One person that is quite familiar with Zaindan Rahbani history is Faysal Rahbany. I will send to your email his contact info. Sadly, I do not have much information about my Shaya Khnaisser family history. anyone with more info on that, please post here or on BB or email to (in code) arzi (at) comcast (dot) net

Grace Barakat |
Marhaba! My name is Grace Barakat, daughter of Philippe Rizk Barakat. My father is from Ain Sindiani. I have some friends in Toronto who are also from the Barakat family but they are from Ain Ebel. I'm wondering if there is a connection to the Barakats from Ain Sindiani/Dhour Shweir and the Barakats from Ain Ebel? I'd appreciate any information I can get.
This is a great site! Keep up the good work!
15 October 2006 - Toronto, Canada

Mariangela León Ganatios (Sawaya) 2
My name is Mariangela and I am the daughter of Jacqueline Sawaya, and the youngest grandaughter of Khalil Ganatios Sawaya; My family is from Shweir, I was raised in Venezuela as my mother went there as a child to join my uncle Jamil Ganatios Sawaya, and she married my father who was venezuelan. I studied in the states and nowadays I live in Portugal, Europe, where I work in a British company. My biggest dream was to meet my family from Lebanon and it came true in 1995 when myself and my mother went to Lebanon, went back in 1996 and I have also travelled to the states and Italy to meet the rest of the family. I would like to know more about the Sawaya family and keep in touch with my lebanese roots, with the conflict going on now, I have been in touch with my cousins in the states, but it is hard to keep in touch with our busy lives. I would like to be part of this site.
26 July 2006 -
Dear people from Sweir,
I am deeply sad with all that is happening to Lebanon now, I will never understand the soul and heart of men while I see children dying wiith violence. I feel I am a citizen of the world, since I emmigrated from Venezuela due to its unsafety problems and being the daughter of lebanese immigrants makes me feel as if I don´t belong anywhere...it is so unfair to see how Lebanon is being destroyed such a beautiful country full of great people...my prayers are with all lebanese...while this is happening...I wonder what are we doing to save humanity if men continue destroying themselves...the absurd continues happening...how can we reach their concience...I thought there was an answer for everything...but I am afraid in this case...there is no reasonable explanation for all the loss of innocent lives...may God be with all the lebanese families and help them go through this terrible time...
31 July 2006 - Portugal, Europe
29 September 2006 - Portugal, Europe

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Mariangela
I believe I know some of your relaives here in Houston Texas. The Elie Bou Kheir Family, Elie's Mom (God Bless her soul) must be your garndmother's Sister. Your Feeling are share by many of us scattered around the Globe. One of which is Your Cousin Vivian and she is few Miles away from you, She lives around Florence Italy... I hope you are ware of that. Anyway, I am going to copy your message and post it on the Bulletin Board.... The Best way to join us will be over there, it is easy to join, just log in and start communicating. We are so glad to have you join us and welcome to your hometown Web page and let me be the first to welcome you to the Shweir.com Family

George Matar

Gilda Sada Nazario
My pranets were Boulos Sada and Marie Louise Mujais Sada (both deceased). My grandmother, Salimie Mujais, was born in Dhour Shweir and married Antoine Salim, who was a Professor at the American University in Beirut. If anyone is family out there please contact me and I pray everyone is safe. God bless.
Originally posted 20 July 2006 -
29 September 2006 - Orlando, FL

Herbie Knott
A couple of years back I corresponded with George Matar about Sam Hammam and by accident learned a little about the village of Dour Shweir. My heart goes out to you all at this time. I hope you are safe. I am revolted, disgusted, by the primitive brutality shown by the Israeli Government in its onslaught on Lebanon. Whatever the provocation there is no excuse for this medieval barbarity against defenceless civilians in your country that has just, magnificently, recovered from disastrous civil war to prosperity. Stay strong, stay safe. My thoughts are with you and your beautiful county, your beautiful village. xxHerbie.
21 July 2006 - UK
29 September 2006 - UK

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