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Nabeel Barakat |
Hi to all. I am still looking for someone to help me get in touch with my fathers side of the family in Rashya Al-Wadi. Please if anyone has a site send it to me. Thank you so much.
13 March 2003 - U.S.A

gabriel moujaes |
marhaban ayoha shweiriyon .salami ilaykom min alnamsa . tahiyati wa salamati ila mr nabil matar wa his family surely . ila antoine moujaes my brother and his family .atamana lakom afdal lawkat wa schkran
13 March 2003 - austria

beatriz matar |
hello, i am looking from people of my family. I found your name in lebanon. org.web
I am adn artist, writer, theater director and writer, painter from buenos aires, argentina, southamerica
7 March 2003 - argentina- capital- sudamerica

Joanna Abdel Ahad |
hi everyone,
It's been a long time since i last wrote(about a year).The web site is great i've checked it several times.I'd like to greet everyone in dhour and abroad. Special hi to my friends in dhour. I'll try to write soon..
bye all
6 March 2003 - Dhour el Shweir

fadi ghosn |
pls do delete my previous message so i will have the chance to add my new one.Please do you utmost.Tks
22 February 2003

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Fadi, Your request has been done. The two previous posts have been deleted. You are welcome.

jean homsy |
iam an architect living in syria my mother is lebanese from dhour el shweir her name is christina rashid al halabi i spent all my summer vacation in front of the most beautiful site in the world till now and even in the war i hope that i can present my experience to make this site more professional and active and i want to thanks all who works on this site which open all my memories since 43 years thanks a lot
22 February 2003 - damascus - syria

Nabeel Barakat |
Hi to all
Again I want to thank you for a wonderful site. I am hoping that you can get me in contact with my first cousin Rula Zeidan, also, I saw a lady in a wheelchair on the Shweir's website (Rose Barakat), if you can ask her to contact me I would be very gratefull.
Please give them my E-Mail address. I hope to with them soon.
18 February 2003 - Los Angeles, CA

Marilyn Jafet |
My name is Marilyn Jafet, São Paulo 1950. I have two children, Daniela Jafet Bevilacqua 1973 and André Jafet Bevilacqua 1978. I was profoundly touched to learn that there is a site from Shweir, the homeland of my grandparents on my father's side. I descend from Nami Jafet that imigrated to Brasil in 1887. He was the brother of Miguel,Basílio, Benjamin, João, and Hala. Nami had 13 children (7 boys and 6 girls). My father was Carlos Nami Jafet and he was married to Evelyn Elizabeth Khoury Jafet in 1945, in New York, USA. They came to Brasil in 1950 when I was born. I have 3 brother's and one sister. Carlos Jafet Jr. (1948), Ricardo Jafet Sobrinho born in 1951, Virginia Jafet born in 1953 and Douglas Jafet born in 1957. The youngest descendant in our family tree are two twin brother's, Douglas's sons, Rafael Bunemer Jafet and Felipe Bunemer Jafet, born on October 7th 2002, São Paulo, Brasil. Our site is www.jafetbrasil.com.br and I would love to correspond with people that descend from Schweir- Lebanon, especially those that have known or heard about my grandfather Nami Jafet. Congratulations to the organizers of this site. babyjafet@uol.com.br
17 February 2003 - São Paulo, Brasil

Omar Rahbani |
Hope your Valentine's Day is happy and bright and especialy nice from morning to night.
13 February 2003 - Lebanon@ Matn University

Hey everyone...how's it going in dhour choueir and how's the se7a ?? I really miss everyone there especially my grandma teta mary and my relatives. I'd like to say hiii to Angy, Nadine and my friends over there. I'll see u soon. bye
31 January 2003 - Abu Dhabi

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