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Bernard Baaklini |
Hi again,
Mukhtar you can read it at http://bernardbaaklini.tripod.com
2nd page (Lebanon).
Take care
26 April 2004 - Brasil

Bernard Baaklini |
Dear Mukhtar,
Hope you are fine.
I would like to hear you precious opinion about a story which I wrote about Lebanon in my new home page.
Best regards
24 April 2004 - São Paulo-Brasil

Shweir.com Note: -  Dear Bernard, Please send the link, I can't seem to remember it. I would love to read what you wrote

hala bou saab |
hi my name is hala bou saab daughter of nicolas bou saab my mother jeanette owaijan,my grandfather is Elias bou saab and grandmother fadwa khoury, fida is my sister Elias and jihad are my brothers,i studied in the American University in london i got a BA in media production i am working now in future television,lebanon as an editor /director segments for a morning talk show ,and an editor in a production house
31 March 2004 - shweir

hala bou saab |
congratulations for this wonderful site,i really enjoyed searching it , one question:i couldn't find my family tree 'bou saab',i don't know if bou saab family should work on that or not,i will try to search ,but if anyone have a clue i will be thankful God bless u all
30 March 2004 - shweir

Gilbert El Halaby |
Dear all
For the sake of our village i just add a topic on the BB , regarding the baladieh elections and the candidates , since we are living abroad i asked for an open chat in the shweir chat room , and since the room is very clean because no one use it , i hope we fill it up with our opinions this sunday , i invite every one to join us this sunday hoping that the baladieh candidates will be present with their projects for a new shweir

N.B i will keep the time to be fixed by MUKHTARNA in al mahjar since he knows better then me your timing on the net
Hope to see you all this sunday
God bless you all shweiriieh and lebanese all over the world
24 March 2004 - Rome , Italy

Many thanks for the photos of my dear Uncle,
Jamil Hobeika.I last saw him when I was about ten years old so these photos have a special place in my heart.
16 March 2004 - WASHINGTON, D. C.

Gilbert El Halaby |
Dear all
My best regards to everyone, i just joined and have the desire to hear from all of u all over the world , in fact i invite you all to join the bulletin board, we are 214 only and i think shweirii are much morrrrrrrrre then that, very intresting topics and we will have the chance to discover all of you
God bless u all shweirrii , bless lebanon and all the lebanese all over the world
1 March 2004 - Rome , Italy

Deborah Samra |
Wow! What a wonderful guestbook and site you have created for all to enjoy. I am the grandaughter of Laurice Hobeika and the neice of Nadia Benab. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about my family.
29 February 2004 - Bentonville, Arkansas-USA

Ross Mudford |
I am not Lebanese but I do have a wonderful wife, Shirley Abicair-Mudford, who's father is from Shweir and mother is from Zahle. I have visited Lebanon in 1993 and 1999 and we plan to visit again either this year or next. Since I have been married to Shirley I have met many people of Lebanese decent in Australia with family links to Shweir and other cities who have never been to Lebanon. When they ask what it was like visiting as an Australian of English decent my response is always the same. Lebanon is a wonderful place with a strong culture and a fantastic history. For me, being able to stay in Auntie Rita's (Abicair) home in Shweir and walk down the street and experience the warmth and curiosity of the locals is a great experience coming from a city of 3.5 million people in Australia. People who have a Lebanese heritage and have never visited Lebanon should go. Connect with your Lebanese heritage you will be all the richer for the experience.
24 February 2004 - Melbourne

Zikar Mattar |
I was very exited to find this site.
I was browsing, looking for my family tree (if available) when George's name came up (I was searching Mattar, Matar and Ruhbani because I new that Mattar and Ruhbani families and related).
I live in Australia married with 3 Children. We've been in Oz since 1970. My Father and Uncle Roy & Napoleon Mattar (sons of Fr Halim Mattar)migrated from Ghana, West Africa. We are originally from Dair Oubil (I think that's how it's spelt) but my Father lived in Ashrafieh most of his life. I can go on forever, but I better stop. I'm sure there's an appropriate forum for this.
Great Site. I really enjoyed it. I will certainly visit more often.
Zikar Mattar
23 February 2004 - Australia

Shweir.com Note: -  Welcome ya Zikar... Yeah there is a good relationship between Matar and Ruhbani... In my family's case the Matar is part of the Rahbani Umbrella. So Ahlan wa Sahlan.
We are so glad you liked our Web page, And please consider yourself a member of its family.
More exciting dialogues take place on the Bulletin Board, so please join us there.
George Matar

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