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Carlos Tebecherani Haddad |
Marhaban, yaa naas!
I am Carlos Tebecherani Haddad, a lebanese that was born in Brazil.
I am mechanical engineer and lawyer, performing both professions here in the city of Santos, state of São Paulo, Brazil.
My family is lebanese, from Zahle and Douhour Ashweir.
I am cousin of Mansour and Sami Harik, sons of Iskandar Harik.
I visited Shwier in the year 1995, to know my roots, and I am planning to visit you next year.
I love Lebanon, the country of my blood and my soul.
I send you all my love !
God bless you and Lebanon, and Shweir!
4 September 2004 - Santos, Brazil

Shweir.com Note: -  Ahlan Carlos, and welcome to the Shweir.com Family, here we have several Hariks on this web page, did you see the picture about Hotel al Rowda, is that Harik also you Cousin? How about Elsa, the Wife of Iylia Harik, we have a section on her books....
Welcome Carlos
George Matar

edgar khneisser |
how r u all? my name is edgar and i am the son of khaled and doris khneisser and elder brother of bassam. my grandfathers r the late michel eid khneisser and jamily bou nader. i won't tell you where i am from because just reading my family name will suffice you to realise that i am from shweir. my work is at beirut intl airport - telecom. department, and i just wanted to congratulate all those who made this large amount of info on shweir, tangible on the web. it just needs a little updating once every while. anyhow great efforts, good job to all individuals involved and a little nice tap on the back. goodbye and hope to stay in touch...
23 July 2004 - dekwaneh-lebanon

Nazih Sayah |
Salute to all Shweirieh Alumni of Shweir Secondary School.
21 July 2004 - California

alex ayoub((moujaes family) |
I believe congratulations are in order to waleed moujaes on his recent wedding. from all my family best wishes, good luck and good health. hearty good wishes to your new bride and yourself and may happiness be yours forever. alex ayoub and family.
12 July 2004 - sydney, australia.

angie & nano mjaess |
hey all.we like ur site so much & we appreciate ur hard working on it b/c it links all the shweiri people 2gether.love u all.specially mjaess people.MWWAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.HEY JACK IF U SAW THIS MESSAGE WE JUST WANNA TELL U THAT WE MISS U SOOOOOO MUCH >MWAH
9 July 2004 - LEBANON

4 July 2004 - DHOOR AL SHWEIR

Wadih Abdel Ahad |
Dear shweir .com Family,
After observing this site for two years I just wanted to congratulate you for all what you have and especially for your fruitful, innovative thoughts and ideas during the recent elections we had.
I am Wadih Abdel Ahad the son of Georges Abdel Ahad, I work in the hospitality industry for the Intercontinental Hotels group and recently at the holiday Inn dunes Beirut.
Take Care and hope to see you again in our lovely Shweir.
16 May 2004 - Lebanon, Dhour El Shweir.

Shweir.com Note: -  Ahlan Wadih and welcome to your hometown webpage, we are glad to have you join our Shweir.com family and looking forward to have you join us on the bulletin board also....
Two years huh? Welcome
George Matar

samerkiameh |
bonjour a maryse turcot corban et bassima lus.
bonjour pour toute la vie .
je veut dire a maryse bonne faite parceque hier c'est la fete des mere chez eux au canada.comment ca va .j'espere que vous etes bien la bas .comment ca va bassima luss dans son ecolle?.
salut a tous la bas .
toute ma famille ,ma grande mere mon oncle salime et sa famille son bien.
aurevoire .
en attendons votre visite au liban.
10 May 2004 - liban.shoueir

Hello how are you all? just feeling good
7 May 2004

mara moujaes
hi i am a granddaughter of wadih and leya moujaes i and i think this a preety cool site for pepul lookin at stuff from shweir.=)
1 May 2004

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