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PLEASE CONTACT ME AT iso0123@hotmail.com
24 February 2008

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Salwa Wills |
Hello, my name is Salwa Wills. My request is to the Abou Samra family in Shweir to contact me via Facebook or my email address. Im also sending my greetings to the Mattar family, (my mother's side). If anyone out there can connect me up to the Bou Samra & Mattar families it would be appreciated.
Im the daughter of Michael & Voulette Bou Samra. I would love to speak with my relatives, cousins, etc on line. Au Viour, Salwa.
16 February 2008 - Australia

Hind Rezk
Hello to all my friends and family in Shweir!
9 February 2008 - Calgary, AB, Canada

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myriam Zeydan |
Dear Nabel barakat hi how r u i'm Myriam Zeydan ur uncle is my grnadpa i would like to inform you that thanks God he is in a good health & all the family too ... nice to hear from you take care & keep in touch
31 January 2008 - Qatar

Nabeel Michael Joseph Barakat |
Hello to all Lebanese. God Bless you all.To you Uncle Fuad Zeidan and to all his children who I have not seen in 34 years. I miss you all and i pray that Lebanon would have peace so I can go home and see you all. To Uncle Jerious and his family. To Rula Saed my cousin where are you? To 3ayn AlSindyaneh, God I miss Grandpa's house right next to the Nab3ah and the Tooteh. I am homesick big time. To Shweir the finest place on earth I send my love and wishes for happy times.
25 January 2008 - USA

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Beverly Ann Coleman (Weber) |
My maternal grandmother Leeza Shalita Ackle, migrated to the USA in the late 1800's through Ellis Island, NY.as a teenager. She being a Maronite Catholic, I'm wondering how I could find a baptismal record since Dhour Shweir was her birthplace. Can you assist me in finding the church she might have been a member of? Thank you
24 January 2008 - Texas

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Beverly Ann and Welcome to your grandma'ss town web site.

I have digital photos of about 60 - 70 % of the church records that go back to about early to mid 1800s. I am hoping to put them in a searchable data base, but so far, I have not found the key persons to do make that trasformation. I do not have the Maronite church records yet. Do you know your grandma's parents names? was her maiden name Shallita? Did she become Maronite by marriage? I will post your inquiry on the Family Tree 2 web page, just in case one of our readers has more info than I. Good luck. Anwar

Mariangela León Ganatios |
Dear George Matar,
I had not checked this page for a long time as I have little time at work.
The Boukheir family you are talking about, I know them well, Elie Boukheir is my first cousin and his mother my mother´s sister who we loved and miss deeply, Vivian Boukheir, I went to visit her in Italy as I promised myself that I would meet my whole family from Lebanon. Unfortunatelly life gets busier and busier and I have moved to Portugal where I have started a new life and I haven´t been able to keep much contact with the family. Any news I would deeply appreciate and I also than you very much for your reply.
take cre and keep in touch
Mariangela León Ganatios
8 June 2007 - Portugal

majd touma sawaya |
you are all welcomed to the group 'shweiriyye' at facebook,there are many interesting things and we need your assistance espacially in the summer,we are already 123 members.....i look forward to see you all there...
18 May 2007 - uae,abu dhabi

ghada kiame |
hi myriam zeydan& samar kiame ,i'm fine & miss u two.i tried to send u both an e-mail did u received ,please let me know.hope everythink fine with u.miss u again.don't take long to hear from u .take care bye .ghada k.
13 May 2007 - usa

armenak kutchukian |
As a family, we spent our Summers in Shweir from 1945 until 1962, and I feel as if I am a Shweiri by adoption.When we firsty went there, our favourite places were Hawie, Nasr, Ain Kassis,ABC store, Hotel Medawar, Hotel Kassouf,and the incredible Cinema which I attended in the Summer of 1960,61 & 62.My specialty was the chocolat moux of Hawie. I am so fortunate to have found your web site. I have alot of stories to tell.
18 April 2007 - Castleton-on Hudson, New York,USA.

Shweir.com Note: -  Armenak, Welcome to your hometown website. These were beautiful times and memories. Please do join us on the Shweir BB and share some of your stories.

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