7 Hills Studio

Cinema Roxy lives on... via the younger Moujaes generation,
Omar Moujaes, Founder, Director & producer of 7 Hills Studio

Remember the old Cinema Roxy?  Well call it nostalgia that attracted me to re-visit that cite recently.  Yes, it has been converted to a clothing manufacturing plant... but not all of it.  So while on a recent walk one early September with Shweir.com correspondent Samar Kiame, I decided to show her what Cinema Roxy used to be. 

In the course of our tour, we noticed a very large banner of 7 Hills Studio.  Upon further inquiry, we met its creator, Omar Habib Khalil Salim Moujaes.  He and his uncle Ghassan gave us a personal tour.  The new Studio took the space of a good part of the upper balcony and the projection room. 

We were quite impressed with the sophistication of the equipment and Omar's depth of knowledge. 

Here is some information about 7 HILLS PRODUCTION:
7 Hills Production is a video and movie making company. Founded in July 2005 by Omar Habib Moujaes, Omar has successfully edited, directed and made 37 high quality documentaries, comedies, videos, action movies, and drama movies in two years.

The name "7 HILLS" comes from the home town of Omar Moujaes, Dhour Shweirr, which is built on 7 HILLS.
That is where 7 HILLS chose to build its studio. 

The studio is fully equipped with 9 projectors which emit enough light at the huge green screen which the first green screen in Dhour Shweir and one of the largest in Lebanon. 2 professional cameras and 2 other cameras combined with a new PINNACLE EDITING SYSTEM from the United States, a Salon, a Kitchen, 3 fans for air conditioning and a complete sound system which make 7 HILLS STUDIO one of a kind in Dhour Shweir.

One of the best promotional videos 7 HILLS PRODUCTION has produced was for a company called FINCORP ENGINEERING which is also located in Dhour Shweir and is owned by Omar's father, Habib. It was extremely successful and is now traveling across the world. Omar Moujaes' new aim is to make 63 movies in 2007-2008.

Notice the lime green background in the two thumbnails below taken at Omar's Studio?
That is what professional studios have to isolate all other background so they can reintroduce a totally different background.
The Shweirieh who were flying the magic carpet in third picture below, took it in a studio w/green background just like Omar's. 

Now you know a bit more about the magic of video and movies. 

When Omar speaks about 7 Hills Studio, you can feel the excitement in his voice.  There is no question that Omar loves what he does.  Yes, he loves the challenges and creativity of discovering new frontiers in the movie world.  He is a natural.  After all, it is in his blood.  
He carries the torch that was first lit about the movies by his great grandfather Salim and his grandfather Khalil, God rest their souls.

Yes, I can imagine the spirits of Salim and Khalil looking down from high above smiling to see Omar continue the family tradition.

Omar, you make your family and the Shweir.com family proud. 

For more information visit the 7 HILLS PRODUCTION website: http://sevenhillsproduction.googlepages.com